Nigeria Online to Become a Top 20 IT Nation. How is this Happening?

How is Nigeria online to become a top 20 Information Technology country by 2020?

The Nigeria culture is one of poverty and its wealth of natural resources has been allowed to be plundered by much wealthier nations. Most of the population of Nigeria have never benefitted from the richness of their oil for example, as large corporate companies have monopolised the industry. Much of the countryside around the oil refineries have been damaged due to oil leakages.

But the present government do have a dream; a dream to make the country into a leading Information Technology country. And it is pleasing to know that there is a wealth of talent in Nigeria to help turn that dream to into reality.

It is unfortunate that Nigeria has a reputation for online scams and fraud, but here at Christian Charity World, we believe that we have forged links with an honest and reliable organisation that is dedicated to providing excellent and honest IT solutions, whether it be with programming, web design or even data base design and management.

Nigeria is online to becoming a top technology nation thus making a dream come true for these wondefully varied and talented people if we allow them to. To find out more contact

Nigeria Online and experience the amazing IT skills of this fast emerging nation.

How fantastic is that?

Nigeria Online

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