Nigeria Culture Needs Our Help

The Nigeria culture is a complex and diverse one with many tribes and a heavy mix of religion. Nigeria is also a very poor country with a huge population, being in the top 10 of worlds population and the most populated country in the continent of Africa.

Nigeria is a country rich in resources but these resources have been monopolised by wealthier states and the native men and women do not benefit from the finacial gains of these resources.

It would be easy to turn a blind eye to the deprivation of this country and basically let them fend for themselves but here at Christian Charity World we want to see if we can help make a difference. It may not make a huge difference but if one life is effected for the better by our actions then it is certainly worthwhile.

There are two areas which we have forged links to help Nigeria help itself. The first is in the Information Technology field where the government has great ambitions for the country breaking into the top twenty of technology nations by the year 2020. We also delve into the fabric industry where Ankara fabric made in Nigeria is starting to hit the fashion industry in a big way.

Please look at Nigeria online and Ankara fabric and let's help Nigeria culture rise above poverty for the good of their nation.

How fantastic is that?

Nigeria Online

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