Do You Have False Idols?

Welcome to Christian Charity World as we look at the subject of False Idols.

"2 Kings 17:33 So they feared the Lord but also served their own gods, after the manner of the nations from among whom they had been carried away."

A good friend recently bought tickets for him, me and my son to go and watch my favourite football team play. Since boyhood I've proclaimed that I'm an avid supporter of Gillingham FC but in recent years my actual attendance has been extremely limited due both to a lack of finances and little time. Until recently I'd felt guilty that I could pledge allegiance to the team and yet not back them with my presence. After all wouldn't a true supporter be there for his team come what may; through thick and thin?

The fact that I was feeling bad about it perhaps meant that I was giving too much adoration to my chosen team. I was making Gillingham Football Club a False Idol. I remember as a boy attending my confirmation classes; the vicar accused me of treating football as my God because I'd missed one lesson to play for the school team. I couldn't see it at the time particularly as I felt commited to my team mates.

Ultimately our awe, adulation and devotion should be aimed in one direction only; at God through his son Jesus Christ. And if I feel bad about anything it should be the fact that I have offended him through my sins. I've heard it said that I shouldn't "beat myself up" if I sin as God forgives us as long as we repent. I'm speaking purely for myself here when I say that I feel that I do need to beat myself up when I sin. I need to know how God feels when I sin so that I can try and learn my lesson. Yes I sin daily particularly through thought, but I must recognise this so that I can attempt to lead a more righteous life.

I've also read that you know when you are a Christian when you hate the sin. Yes we continually sin but because we know it is wrong we detest that sin. When God is placed in such high regard that we care so desperately about the actions that offend him we have made him our idol. Not a false idol but our one and only God deserving of our worship.

By the way Gillingham beat Bristol Rovers 4 - 1.

How fantastic is that?

False Idols

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