Excellent Bridge Are At the Heart of the Nigerian Information Technology Revolution

It is often said that God helps those that help themselves. I first came across Promise on the internet about 4 years ago and he seemed desparate to get out of Nigeria to make a better life for himself elsewhere. He had started a career in Information Technology and showed amazing interest in his work, but then he wanted to take his skills and use them in a country that would recognise and reward his talents.

However circumstances dictated that Promise had to stay in Port Harcourt and possibly this was God's will. Nigeria, despite it's poverty and religious unrest, want to establish the country as the emerging economy based on the IT industry. Promise has seen this as an opportunity, has furthered his computer skills and qualifications and has now established his own IT company. The company is going from strength to strength in the IT revolution that is surging through Nigeria and this is founded on Promises's Christian values. Knowing that he is blessed by God gives me confidence not only in his abilities but also his integrity.

It doesn't cost anything to visit his website and although many scams and internet abuses have originated from Nigeria in the past, I know that this is a safe site. Visit www.excellentbridge.com and see the array of IT services they have to offer.

How fantastic is that?

Excellent Bridge

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