Dr. Richard Scott a Man of Immense Faith in Jesus

I was extremely fortunate to hear Dr. Richard Scott talk yesterday.

What a truly inspirational man he is.

At our Men's Breakfast, he sat on our table and truly oozed joy. He really struck me as being filled by the Holy Spirit. Yet when he gave his speech it became obvious that God was testing his faith. Dr. Richard Scott wears his faith on his sleeve and mentions his faith whenever possible. He is a member of The Faith Mission and believes it his calling to offer his testimony in the right and proper circumstances particular as a GP when he feels it appropriate to giving somebody a better quality of life and hopefully a place in heaven. Because of this the General Medical Council have now questionned his ability to practice as a doctor and his case is due to be heard very soon. On the day that I write he also appeared on the BBC programme "The Big Questions" again answering questions about his motives for preaching in surgery.

This amazing man truly inspired me. Despite this burden, he appears to be able to offer his problems up to God and say, "please God, you take care of this for me", and move on with his life; a life doing God's work. And almost consequentially he is suffering from cancer.

I listened to the debate on the BBC programme and he wasn't given an easy time, but he did very much so, conduct himself with dignity. It was also interesting to follow the comments on Facebook afterwards. So many people voice atheist opinions aggressivley, and I suspect that they don't come from a very informed understanding of Christianity. Comments that suggest that the world would get on so much better without religion. I've always been under the opinion that wars and divisions aren't caused by religions but by people, especially ignorant people who place themselves and their thoughts above all others. I know that Christianity is based foremostly upon love. If we can love all others then we will live in harmony with each other. But, whilst as a Christian, Christianity is for me, I'm also of the understanding that Islam is a very peaceful religion too. If TRUE religion promotes love, as it should do, then religion most definitely has apart to play in creating peace in this world.

Dr. Richard Scott

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