I Knew Then That I Had To Commit To Jesus

Welcome to Christian Charity World as I recollect the time I realised I had to commit my self to Jesus.

So trust in the Lord (commit yourself to Him, lean on Him, hope confidently in Him) forever; for the Lord God is an everlasting Rock [the Rock of Ages]. Isaiah 26: 4

In my teenage years I lost my way in terms of following Christ. I had attended Sunday School, gotten confirmed after taking confirmation classes and become a server at church. But by the age of 14 church and football became a Sunday conflict and football won out.

It took another 25 years before I was directed back onto the right path. This happened when my wife invited me to join her and our son at the monthly family service at church. After that I went along every month but I was soon finding myself wanting more. So church became a regular Sunday morning activity for me. The church recognised my regular attendance and suggested that I might like to take up a chalice assistants role. Then came the invite to read the Bible during the service. My involvement was developing all the time but somehow I felt abit of a fraud.


Mainly because I wasn't really reading the Bible with much conviction and I wasn't understanding the essential figure of Jesus Christ. How could I possibly call myself a Christian?

It was some 8 years before the penny finally dropped. I was asked if I wanted to spend a week of my summer holiday helping to build an extension to an orphanage in Romania on behalf of the charity Cry in the Dark. I duly accepted the invitation and experienced the most rewarding weeks holiday I'm ever likely to have, grafting and sweating in the soaring heat to help 24 young people with life limiting illnesses have a more comfortable environment in which to live.

There were 14 of us working on the extension that week including Nicholas, the curate from our church. On the last day - Friday - it was decided that Nicholas would conduct an impromptu communion service amongst all the tools, ceiling boards and building dust; the most unlikely setting to establish a church. We bought a loaf of bread and some wine from a local store and made up a small cross from cast off wood and nails that were foraged from our weeks work. Many of the young people that we had been serving during the week have learning difficulties and although virtually into adulthood, their mental ages were probably that of 6 year olds; and we know how irreverent 6 year olds can be. Yet as a few of these young people joined the service they behaved with remarkably quiet reverence, almost as if they understood the significance of the moment.

We know that God is present with us everywhere and in all situations, but on this particular building site, at that special time, we all could feel the presence of God around us. And then we sang:

"Here I am Lord, is it I Lord"

I knew then that God was calling me to commit my life to Jesus.


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