A Christian Testimony. Inspire and Transform Your Life

A Christian Testimony truly can provide inspiration to another persons life. Someone, somewhere can always relate to the experiences of an individual and there journey with God.

A Christian journey may start from an enlightening moment, where a person's life can turn in the direction of Jesus from one life transforming incident. Another's path may be gradual and slow, with no particularly momentous occasions but a deep satisfaction that they are growing ever closer to God.

My own testimony is of the latter. I was re-introduced to Christianity upon meeting my current wife. She, along with my step-son were attending the monthly Family Service at our local Anglican church. Tonya invited me to come along. This I did and as time went on I found myself wanting to be more involved in church life. Opportunities arose to participate and currently I find myself fully immersed in educating myself in Christian life and the word of God. In the process I have found the desire to willing help charities whether it be by fundraising or with practical, on the ground involvement.

I was taken aback recently with a Christian testimony of an old school friend. The need to contact people I knew from school had never been that great yet I found myself thinking upon this one particular acquaintance from way back in my school years. Two weeks later he was contacting me on Facebook wanting to know if I was the guy he knew at our school in Canterbury. Intrigued, I responded and although he lives approximately 80 miles away in Worthing, we have met on a couple of occasions to reminisce and swap life stories. It appears that his Christian journey started long before mine and consequently he has done alot of missionary work in Thailand.

I remember back to the latter stages of our schooling that he was absent from school for many months. As classmates we were told that he had suffered a life threatening illness and upon his return was not to enquire about this illness. I duly obliged but only found out after our re-acquaintencing that his illness was infact depression. The darkness that he suffered was brought on by an incident where a drunken party goer had set upon him and so-called friends had stood by and watched. For several years he dwelled in the depths of this dark place until he was introduced to Christianity. That same evening he lay in bed feeling ecstatic; he knew that God loved him and that he had every right to be himself and not what others expected of him. He no longer had to bow to peer pressure and be somebody that he wasn't. His direction in life was re-routed miraculously by knowing the love of Jesus and his father.

here at Christian Charity World that expresses the many authors' deep appreciation of the Christian religion. They are amazing stories that can inspire you to to achieve a closer relationship with God.

How fantastic is that?

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