Christian Stories to Inspire the Christian Journey

Christian stories can really be uplifting. We all like stories and if they are well written they can really help us capture a mood. A story with a Christian element can give us a boost if we are feeling spiritually lost and perhaps feeling that we are drifting away from God.

Christian testimonies are wonderful true life stories that create enthusiasm for our life with Jesus and certainly helps us to understand a little of Gods hand in our everyday life.

But stories for Christians can be both fact and fictional. Obviously the most inspiring stories about Christianity come from our own book; the bible. The bible is a history book, story book, law book, a book of poems but most obviously the word of God. Many of Jesus's teachings came in the way of parables; stories that emphasised God's words and work and from these parables we can certainly get that much closer to God.

Many fictional Christian based stories can be so uplifting also, particularly when good wins battle over evil. For many to wrap themselves up in the world of fantasy makes it so much easier to release the positive images of Jesus and God's work through Him. Releasing themselves from the burdens of everyday life allows them that ability to touch closer to God.

How fantastic is that?

Christian Stories

Christian Based Stories

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