Christian Spirituality in Plain English Speak

Christian Spirituality

There are some great articles written about Christian spirituality and here it is our intention to give an interpretation on this amazing subject.

In todays modern world it is so easy to get wrapped up in the mayhem and stress that life can throw at us. Against the backdrop of all the noise it is so easy to become deaf to the word of God. And yet God's creation has so much beauty, such abundance if only we can calm our hearts and minds and get in touch with the Holy Spirit.

How many times do we get bogged down by our cares and woes and become blindfolded to what is really going on around us?

By training our minds to be at peace with our souls, we untie the blindfold and get to see reality, the truth. We seek Christian spirituality.

Science helps us to understand the world, deciphering a little of how God's creation works. But we also need to understand the laws that govern what goes on inside us spiritually. We experience things phsically and mentally but we need to satisfy ourselves spiritually as well. By experiencing the presence of the Holy Spirit, we are experiencing the presence of God.

So how can we get closer to God?

The answer from our Christian perspective is through Jesus Christ. In the scripture of the New Testament we are told that "the only way to God is through his son Jesus Christ". Jesus suffered and died upon the cross to save us from our sins. Prior to this amazing sacrifice, sins were forgiven in the eyes of God through the sacrifices made to Him in the form of the slaughter of differing kinds of livestock, ie, lambs, goats etc. Through the sacrifice of Jesus we no longer have to offer to God these sacrifices. We just have to believe in Jesus, accept wholeheartedly that He died for us and truly repent of our sins.

Believing that God answers our prayers and that he passionately loves us and wants the best for us relieves us of a tremendous burden. It gives us freedom provided that we continue to try to the best of our abilities to live a holy life. Many people live good lives without necessarily living holy lives. If we devote our lives to God and live according to the teachings of Jesus Christ, we are able to get much closer to God and that joy, happiness and contentment that we thus gain is a wonderful sign that the Holy Spirit lives within us.

This is Christian Spirituality.

How fantastic is that?

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