Christian Prayer and All Its Myths

For many people the idea of Christian prayer is mystical notion. It conjures up thoughts of magical words that our God wants to hear and to be able to hear his answers requires gifts beyond the average persons capabilities.

Here at Christian Charity World it is the aim to dispel any myths and to demonstrate what prayer is, how easy it is to perform and how to listen to Gods answers.

The Christian religion strongly encourages prayer but some people are frightened of the idea. They neither know what it is or how to undertake prayer. Simply put, prayer is our communication with God. It is a two way conversation between us and Him. Just like we would converse with our spouse, family or friends, we can also talk to God. And like chatting to other people, we can ask things of Him, praise Him, thank Him, express are feelings to Him and confess our wrong doings to Him.

So how does one pray and where?

Surprisingly prayers don't have to be spoken. As God knows what is in our thoughts and what is in our hearts, prayers can be silent. But many people prefer to speak out loud. In doing so it concentrates the mind on what is being said and gives that sense of being closer to God, feeling the Holy Spirit within. The way in which we speak to Him can be as individual as the person. It is not necessary to speak in "Old English" or "Latin"; the content is more important than the language as long as it comes from the heart and is delivered with trust, belief and worship.

Many people prefer to be ritualistic about prayer, praying at certain times of the day and perhaps always conducting Christian prayer in an established place. The discipline created means they have a special time and place for God. This is absolutely fine and works well for those who choose to pray in this way but so is spontaneous prayer, said anywhere at any time. Again the quoting of ritual prayers daily or weekly is something that a lot of folk take great comfort from. Yet others will pray as they feel the need to communicate with God.

The simple answer ultimatley is, there are no rules. It really is about our relationship with God, and our relationship with Jesus.

And do our prayers get heard?

Yes they do. A Christian prayer to God is always heard and will always be answered. They may not get answered straight away and they may not be answered in the manner that we would expect, but they do get answered and always in a way that is for our good. I have heard many testimonies of a prayer taking years, occasionally decades to be answered, but answered they are. Sometimes a prayer isn't answered as we would like but with hindsight we can always see that a greater outcome is the result.

How are our prayers answered?

Some people have a natural instict as to when God is speaking to them. It is a "gut feeling" so strong that they know they must follow that instinct. We all probably get similar feelings although not necessarily as strong. Yet we need to listen. Other times we will get opportunities presented to us or a certain person comes along just at the right time. When we develop our relationship with God we can start to recognise that these instincts, events or people entering our lives are indeed God's work and he is answering our prayers.

How fantastic is that?

Christian Prayer

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