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Keeping upto date with the latest Christian news can be difficult at times. The mainstream media organisations focus their news items on finance, politics, crime and disasters and although these areas of news are important, from a Christian perspective we want to know what is happening with regards to God's word, God's work, our faith and Christian people.

There is seldom any good news coming from the large media organisations. It appears to be the motto that "only bad news makes news". This can be quite depressing and can easily build barriers to a relationship with God. It is true that we can feel closer to God in times of hardship and darkness but this can blind us from the fact that Gods world is an amazing and beautiful creation if we can open our eyes to see it. Altough we should be aware of the difficulties that surround us we must also seek the good news too. We can experience the joy, peace and love that comes from knowing God, knowing Jesus and witnessing the truth.

Now for the "Good News". You can catch up with the latest Christian world and UK news here at Christian Charity World. Inspirational news of our Christian religion can be found at

Christian News UK for those seeking news from the Christian point of view in the United Kingdom and Christian Worldwide News for all that is going on in the Christian world globally.

How fantastic is that?

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