The Amazing Sounds of Christian Music

One of the ways Christianity celebrates the saviour Jesus Christ and worships God is by using the medium of song and music. Christian music can evoke amazing joy and emotion. Through song we can align ourselves with the Holy Spirit and develop that oneness with God that we all search for. How many of us when singing Christian songs can offer our hands up to God and be moved by his presence. Gospel worship is a classic example of how we can let ourselves be filled with the spirit, praise the lord without inhibition, and alow our hearts to overflow with the joyfullness of knowing our Lord through his son Jesus Christ.

Contemporary and traditional music can be divided into its different genres, whether it be rock, popular music, classical, jazz, folk etc., and we all have our favourite style but can also enjoy them all. Christian music is much the same, whether it be hymns, gospel, rock or worship music. Again some may have a cherished trend, whilst others enjoy and immerse themselves all all.

Hymns are both ancient and modern with some coming directly from The Bible, particularly Psalm 23 written by David. This is an extremely popular choice and resonates with devout Christians and those who are from outside the church. Very often the music and melody to a hymn may change even though the lyrics remain true to the original. High Anglican churches and Roman Catholic churches use music to enhance the power of prayer in order to reach that much closer to God.

Gospel music can be very evangelical and there is no doubt that the spirit is moved with in those who celebrate Christ through this style. Rock and worship music is much more a modern day phenomina enjoyed by all but particularly with the younger generation. Going to "gigs" hosted by modern day worship artists makes the whole experience "real".

However one delights in Christian music, it is without doubt that it brings joy, and praising the lord in the name of his son Jesus Christ brings us that much closer to him.

How fantastic is that?

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