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When I was a small boy my grandmother was devoutly religious. Very much a christian, she didn't dare miss a Holy Communion service on a Sunday. So much so that she had a regular seat on the back pew at St. Michael and All Angels Church at Harbledown near to Canterbury. I respected her, indeed I really looked up to her. Honestly, I did try to follow in her footsteps; attending confirmation classes and becoming an alter boy. But Sundays became a conflict between church and football and "God" football won.

My Christian journey went wildly off track from there. Although I believed I was pretty moralistic, I was in denial about God and Jesus. So much so that, during my first marriage, I refused to be God parent to one of my nephews because I reckoned I was being hypocritical.

It was when I met my second wife and soon to be stepson that I started to find the right path again. She was regularly attending the family service at the local Anlican Church and invited me along to one of the services. I was hooked. Soon I was attended Holy Communion every Sunday and it wasn't long before I was invited to be a Chalice Assistant and to perform bible readings.

However, looking back on it now, I realise that my second attempt at my Christian journey had barely past the starting line. The accelerator pedal only started to be pushed hard when in 2009 I was invited to do some charity work on an orphanage in Romania. The work of this Christian charity, Cry in the Dark, with young people who have life limiting illneses and disabilities is phenominal. Please click

This charity started in 1998 with no money and no assets. What they have achieved since then is miraculous. So how do you start a charity like this? Where does one even know where to start?

These were questions I asked them. Their answer?

"We didn't know where to start. We just prayed to God and he gave us the answers"

Wow. Simply amazing. This to me is absolute "Faith in God" in action. It demonstrated to me that with all my worries about mortgage and bill payments and keeping my family safe and secure, I hadn't in the slightest understood what true faith was really about.

At the time I was trying to understand other world faiths and what they had to offer. It was now becoming abundantly clear that I wasn't very educated about my own faith. So I set about studying the bible more deeply and appreciating how Jesus died to save me from my sins. I wanted to develop a more intimate relationship with God. As I write I am a far happier and contented person than I have ever been.

It is the intention of Christian Charity World to help everybody and anybody experience the love and peace of God through Jesus Christ that I have felt. Through the word of God anybody's life can be transformed if they so desire and it is our aim to help all that we can. But there are a great many Christian charities like Cry in the Dark who do fantastic work throughout the world, so with your support we truly want to support them.

How fantastic is that?

Christian Charity Cry in the Dark

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