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So what is the idea of a Christian Store? Why have one at Christian-Charity-World?

There is no doubt that a life following Jesus is a journey. It can be an epic journey which for some can have very dramatic beginnings, such as that of the born again Christian who in an enlightening moment discovers the truth. For others the courtship with God can be long and slow with sweet gentle contentment punctuated by the occasional excitement when God reveals his work.

My journey is one of the latter. It had a start which faltered, a very long middle with great denial, then a resurrection which wonderfully continues today spreading great joy and knowledge into my life.

This journey of mine is cemented with many gifts and items that represent my Christian way of life which I or somebody close to me has purchased. Whether it be the crucifix given as one of my first presents by my wife, or the many Christian books and literature bought at Christian bookstores to enhance my Christian education.

For me a store where I can purchase my christian related items is a very useful link to have on any website. And yes, your purchases will help to fund the work of this website. But please bare in mind what it says on the tin, "Christian-Charity-World", a considerable percentage of funds from this website will go towards the charities it aims to support. Please help to support this website and the charities it endeavours to help by considering your purchases through our Shopping Mall for Christian.

How fantastic is that?

Through our Christian store learn about the Christian faith and find the love of God through Jesus Christ

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