Your Heart is Filled with Compassion? Help a Childrens Charity Today.

Why support a childrens charity?

There are many fabulous Christian charities to support and each extremely worthy of our time, donations and prayers. For so many people though their hearts are filled with compassion when they see the plight of impoverished children. When an appeal is made on behalf of a childrens christian charity it is natural to feel drawn to the awfullness of their situation. For children and young people their lives are only just beginning; they should still have opportunities ahead of them and yet for some reason that all seems to be so limited. They are vulnerable with no power to better their situation; no real voice to be heard.

At Christian Charity World those emotions are very much felt as well. We hope that among the links on this page, there can be created enough compassion to make a difference, even if it is towards only one child.

Childrens Charity Cry in the Dark is a charity that Christian Charity World has had a great association with and hopes to have in the future. As a charity that cares so deeply for the plight of young people in Romania with life limiting illnesses and disabilities it has enhanced our spiritual journey immensely.

World Vision Motivated by faith in Jesus, God's love is demonstrated by the actions of World Vision who serve alongside the poor and oppressed. They aim to serve all people regardless off ethnicity, race, gender and religion.

Compassion A Christian charity, in Jesus's name, Compassion helps to release children from poverty. Through its amazing christian work, Compassion is changing the world one child at a time.

CRY A Christian charity dedicated to the care of disadvantaged and destitute children. CRY aims to restore the lives of young people affected by poverty, oppression and abuse and with it create opportunities for a better future.

If we could all help a childrens charity and make a difference to one child's life how much brighter would the future of this world be.

How fantastic is that?

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