A Childlike Faith Will Get You Closer To God

Welcome to Christian Charity World as we look at the topic of Children of God.

Galatians 3:26 For ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus.

In my prayers the other day I was remembering those people that have gone before me, those that the Lord has taken away. As I was praying I began to reminisce over a cousin who was tragically killed some ten years ago.

Stephen was a larger than life character, always full of the joys of spring, never seen without a smile or laughter. He was a big chap, a gentle giant amongst the crowd who readily look after the vulnerable and cared greatly about his family and friends. And yet his personality was almost childlike, a childish sense of humour. Even at his funeral, in a eulogy, one of his closest friends said that he acted his shoe size.

Apart from his family he had two other great loves in his life; Jesus and lorry driving. His pride and joy was his lorry cab and it provided great amusement to his church's congregation when he rolled up to church one Sunday morning in said lorry cab.

Probably because of his childlike personality, he was very trusting in God and could happily release all his cares and woes over to the Lord, believing that God was faithful and would always look after him.

When we were children we were able to look upto our parents knowing that they would look after us. Our father would be the provider whilst our mother nurtured us and tended to our every need. The faith we had in our parents never failed or dwindled and we would love them dearly.

And this is what God desires of us. He dearly wants us, as his children, to have that childlike faith in him, to trust that He will deliver everything that we need and nurture us as we follow his lead. When we did wrong our parents would chastise us but would still love us and eventually forgive us if we have learned our lesson. Likewise God mercifully forgives us when we have sinned and still carries on loving us. Children accept the authority of their mother and father without question (at least until they get to that lippy teenage stage), respect the fact that their experience of life provides them with greater knowledge. As children of God we have to recognise and accept the authority of Our Father in Heaven, honouring the fact that as creator of the universe he has a knowledge far beyond any human comprehension.

Looking back on Cousin Stephen I wish I had spent more time in his company and really gotten to learn his wonderful childlike qualities that brought him close to God.

How fantastic is that?


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