Great Charity Organizations Doing Fantastic Christian Work. Which One is For You?

Fund raising remains probably the hardest task of all for the vast majority of charity organizations. Indivduals and groups of people set out with amazing compassion to help poor communities, an unfortunate person in need of urgent medical attention or maybe an endangered species of animals. Each course deserves our help but it is impossible to help them all; as much as we would like to sometimes. And it can be extremely frustrating for the people who start up charities when money doesn't come flooding in as desperately as is needed.

I'm reminded of the story of the boy on the beach who is patiently throwing starfish back into the sea. Many thousands had been stranded on the shoreline as the tide went out.

"You can't possibly help all these starfish" he was told by a passer-by.

As he picked up the next one and tossed it back into the water he said,

"I've made a difference to that one's life"

As Christians wanting to do charitable work or charitable giving, we can only ever make a difference to a few peoples lives or one group of people. All we can do is throw one starfish back at a time.

So how do we know which charity organizations to help or give donations to. Alot of times it really is a matter of the ones that prick the conscience. You may have a desire to help children or perhaps you have an affinity with a country that now requires aid. In my case the charity that is close to my heart seemed to be drawn to me by God, as I was invited through my church to help them on a project abroad.

Charity Organizations Here at Christian Charity World we want to help anybody who wants to do Gods work, charitable work, by finding the Christian charity that opens their heart. There are many we know, but hopefully we can help that willing person make that choice, knowing that they are making a difference to somebody or something.

How fantastic is that?

Cry in the Dark

Childrens Charity

UK Charities

Charity Commissions

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