The Purpose of Charity Commissions

What are Charity Commissions?

Do Charities have to register with them?

Charities are a part of the British way of life. We have all heard of them, many donate to them and some do great christian charity work for them as well. Charities range from small local groups offering help with community issues to much larger, well-known charitable organizations handling millions of pounds in finance and donations.

It is crucial that every charity operates beneficially for the public, independent of government and commercial interests and influence. The Charity Commission of England and Wales registers and regulates charities and ensures they meet with all legal requirements working with the trustees and boards of charities.

If a charity has an annual income of over £5,000 then it must register with the commission. Although charities with an income less than this figure do not have to register, they must still abide by charity law.

What happens in the case of a complaint or dispute?

Ideally any complaint should be dealt with by the charity itself in the first instance. However the issues listed below are of interest to the commission in England and Wales.

1. Significant financial loss to the charity.

2. Serious harm to beneficiaries.

3. Threats to national security.

4.Criminality within or involving a charity.

5. Sham charities set up for illegal or improper purposes.

6. Charities deliberately being used for significant private advantage.

7. Where a charity's independence is called into question.

For further details of how the Charity Commission works click onto Charity Commissions

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