Terror Reign of Boko Haram

From the outside world it would appear that Boko Haram's terrorist activities in Nigeria have gone somewhat quiet. It has been noted though that apparently 5 members of the organisation have been accidently killed whilst preparing Improvised Explosive Devices in the Biu Local Government Area today.

The threats to the stability of Nigeria's northern states have taken serious focus by the international community. The US Embassy has issued warnings of possible attacks in the country's capital Abuja with hotels frequented by Westerners being likely candidates for Boko Haram's violent attentions.

Meanwhile, on a state visit to Germany, President Goodluck Jonathan has been seeking the assistance of the government by employing German technology for the use of tracking down terrorists and their organisation.

Italy has also been active in their support for the Nigerian government, pledging security services to help overcome the menace that is Boko Haram. One of the two foreign nationals killed by kidnappers earlier in the year was Italian although Boko Haram have tried to distance themselves from these murders.

It was such a shame that consructive efforts to negotiate peace between the terror organisation and the Nigerian government broke down in March as there was real hope internationally that an end to the attrocities might be close.

As a Christian who would love to see peace reign across all God's kingdom, it is difficult to understand the mental process that goes on in minds bent on destruction and killing. How anybody could justify the need to impose their will on others in such a violent manner goes above my comprehension. All we can do is pray that somebody at the head of Boko Haram comes to their senses and agrees to get back around the negotiating table and find a resolution that has the welfare and safety of all at heart.

To have a world where love and peace towards everyone is the goal is surely heading towards God's will.

How fantastic is that?

Boko Haram

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