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It isn't always easy trying to follow a Christian life. Day after day we probably all fall by the wayside to a lesser or greater extent as we sin in either thought, word or deed. But God is so gracious and as long as we truly repent and mean it with all our heart then God forgives us our sins. God loves us and shows us great compassion. And we must be so thankful to our Lord Jesus for saving us from our sins by giving the ultimate sacrifice of his life upon the cross. A remarkable act of compassion given to all mankind.

At Christian Charity we know that to experience our reward in heaven we must have absolute faith in God. We have to come to God through Jesus Christ and then trust beyond all doubt that God will look after us. And we can have our reward of heaven here on earth by experiencing the joy of our hearts being filled with the Holy Spirit. Such joy cannot be gained from materialistic attitudes but through our closeness to God.

Being filled by the Holy Spirit brings along another desire; the desire to do God's work. Here at Christian Charity much time, thought and prayer has been given as to how to accomplish just a fraction of God's work and it is believed that the calling is to help charities as best we can. In order to achieve this, our website is affiliating with many High Street and retail names to offer you the best shopping experience online. And what better way to bring joy into your heart than to know that you are bringing happiness to others.

How does your online shopping help others?

We simply pledge that half of all commission made on your online shopping will go to charity. That is 50% of all profit earned will go directly to the charities supported by this website. The rest will currently go to administering this site and to make it bigger and better, offering you the best possible range of merchandise from which to choose.

It is our sincere vision however not only to increase the percentage going to charity in due course but also to finance other projects that is felt God is calling us to do.

Just think, by doing your online shopping through the pages of Christian Charity you can put your compassion into action and support charities worldwide and it won't cost you a penny extra.

How fantastic is that?

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